How to Make Vegetables Deliciously Unhealthy: Fanny’s Assorted Vegetable Fritters

Courgette FritterWorryingly, I’ve become slightly obsessed by Fanny Cradock.

A catering company recently asked me to write about and compare two of the first TV chefs, Marguerite Patten and Fanny Cradock. Both fascinating women in their very different ways, it was enlightening to research their lives.

The formidable Fanny

Five ways to write responsively

Responsive copyIn 2014, our data revealed that 30% of all searches came from a mobile device while in the year to date this has increased to over 60%. In response to this, Google is changing its search algorithm to reward sites that are mobile optimised.

In April this year, Google started to roll out the first phase of mobile-friendly updates to its search algorithm. What this means is that mobile-friendliness will influence a site's ranking in search results, and pages designed for large screens only could see a decrease in their rankings.

Pause before editing

Pause before editingI found a cherry tomato in my welly this morning. It was redder than the ones that hadn’t rolled off the windowsill to hide in my footwear.

Rather than putting all the other tomatoes in my wellies to ripen, which has obvious risks, I’ve shut them away in a draw to mature. I take the same approach with my writing, particularly if it’s a lengthy piece.

Take a breather

Halloumi Cheese with Rocket Pesto

Helium cheese with rocket pestoIn an attempt to clear the fridge of random ingredients, I invented this culinary masterpiece.

I bought the rocket pesto at Macknade Fine Foods in Faversham, Kent. More than just a farm shop, they have a fabulous food hall stocked with every kind of delicacy you can think of.

New Potato and Broad Bean Salad

New Potato and Broad Bean SaladMy broad beans were a total disaster this year. I tried a heritage variety called Green Windsor. They didn’t grow very tall and were soon destroyed by blackfly. I gave up spraying and feeding them and in the end I dug them up and put them in the composter.

A novel approach

Scales of JusticeThis month, I’ve been on Jury Service, which isn’t great financially for the self-employed, but it makes up for that by being such an interesting experience.

Surprisingly, it also provides an excellent exercise in fiction writing. Not that I intend to write about actual cases, it’s more the way the two sides of a story are unravelled, first by the prosecution, then by the defence.

Fabulous Fleet Food Festival: Roasting a wild boar

Roast Wild BoarOn 24th May, Fleet held its second Food Festival.

The organisers did an excellent job of bringing together stallholders selling locally sourced foods, beers and wines. There were also cookery demonstrations and talks held in two marquees, plus live music to listen to as you wandered around the stalls.

That or which

That or whichThe simple answer? That defines while which gives extra information.

Still confused? It’s all in the clauses.

Restrictive clauses

Use that to introduce restrictive clauses that add crucial information to the sentence.

The bag that I left on the train contained important papers.

When you’re adding a clause that contains essential information about the noun that comes before it, you’re being specific.

Why go freelance?

Freelancer on the beachWe’ve looked at the benefits of outsourcing work to freelancers from a company perspective. But what’s in it for the freelancer?

In the UK, the Professional Contractors Group estimates the following:

78% of the UK public think that freelancing and flexible working help promote a good work/life balance

72% think freelancing has a positive effect on family life

Look at the upside

The primary benefit most freelancers would offer up first is ‘freedom’.

Simple Hungarian Beef Goulash

Simple Hungarian Beef GoulashThere are many variations on traditional Hungarian Goulash (Gulyas), and I’ve adapted this one from a Hairy Bikers recipe. In this dish, I’ve left out the beef stock cube as I think it tastes better without it.

The key flavour is paprika, and I added more than the original recipe suggests.


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