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Water falls from fashion?

Once upon a time, public drinking fountains were commonplace in parks, hospitals, schools and businesses throughout the UK. They fell from use with concerns over the spread of viral and bacterial infections. Plumbed-in and mains fed water dispensers became a cleaner, more hygienic substitute for the traditional fountain.

Large refillable bottlesdispensing water in biodegradable disposable cups are a cheaper, environmentally friendly alternative to purchasing multiple bottles of mineral water.

Employers know they can save huge amounts of staff down time by providing onsite drinking facilities as an alternative to staff constantly nipping out of the office to buy a drink from the nearest shop.

Businesses now choose to rent or buy water dispensers that are refilled regularly by scheduled deliveries to offices across EnglandScotland and Wales.

How cost effective is it for companies to provide free water on tap, so to speak?

Water cooler culture

Is a quick break from your desk to discuss last night's episode of Coronation Street, or let off steam at your boss/colleague/husband/wife's unreasonable behaviour, such a bad thing?

There has been much discussion regarding the advent of water cooler culture – with the office water dispenser becoming an informal staff meeting place, or in some cases, gossip's corner.

Social psychologists point out that it has long been part of human nature to gather at a focal point, such as a source of food or water. This interaction was once vital to the survival of neighbouring tribes.

Look at it this way, if Mandy from Accounts never got together with Steve from IT, then the whole human race could become extinct!

That may be taking things too far, but on a serious note, studies have shown that water cooler culture promotes greater contact and harmony between staff.

Informal bonding leads to improved communication and the water dispenser offers colleagues the venue and opportunity to chat informally in the office environment.

The humble glass of water

Not so humble when you think how vital hydration is to our bodies and most importantly, our brains.

When you are thirsty you experience a rapid deterioration in your physical and mental health.

  • Your attention span is reduced by 13%
  • Your short term memory decreases by 7%
  • You experience mood swings and irritability
  • Your eyes and skin become dry and tired
  • You eat more as feelings of thirst are often confused with pangs of hunger

Water coolers are now an essential part of the office landscape.

How much water do you need?

Your body is 50-60% water. Health experts recommend the following tips to optimum hydration:

  • Drink water even when you don't feel thirsty as your body has already lost between 2-5 cups of water by the time you recognise the feeling of thirst
  • Improve your concentration by drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day
  • Make sure you have a glass at your side during a presentation or meeting as drinking water helps to preserve your voice function and quality
  • Air-conditioned offices crammed with computers, photocopies and faxes dehydrate the skin making it look older - regularly sipping water keeps skin looking younger and more vibrant
  • It's not only skin that becomes dry and tired; stay hydrated to avoid itchy, bloodshot eyes
  • Drinking water curbs the appetite and is calorie free, helping you to control your diet

In short, smart companies know providing free water pays high dividends.