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Blogging for businessTweet daily, blog weekly and video monthly is the mantra currently doing the rounds. I'm not sure who decided on this schedule, but as I said in my last post regarding the advent of trendfear in relation to social media, I’d rather consider what I’m trying to achieve before I invest valuable time in tweeting, blogging and uploading videos onto YouTube.

I decided to incorporate this blog into my website for the following reasons:

Social media - do you suffer from Trendfear?

Social Media and CopywritingEarlier this week, the BBC reported on plans by universities to introduce social networked learning. This has apparently triggered anxiety amongst some academics who have been encouraged to engage with their students via social media.

Fleet Pond and the railway

Skating on Fleet PondStill on the subject of railways.

I'm on a quest to find any early timetables or railway posters advertising trips to Fleet Pond. Next year, Fleet will be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee with a ‘Best of British’ themed carnival. I'd love to be able to recreate a poster for this event, based on an original design.

Art and the railway

Drummond M7 class tank engineTrains play a significant role in my family history, so on a recent trip to York a visit to the National Railway Museum (the world's largest railway museum) was inevitable.

To be able to see and touch the actual engines driven by my grandfather and great-grandfather was immensely moving. The visit was also unexpectedly inspiring from an advertising point of view.

Selling the benefits

Selling the benefits copywritingI'm currently working with a letting agency on a number of press releases.

It's not easy making ARLA (The Association of Residential Lettings Agents) and NAEA (The National Association of Estate Agents) sound sexy.

Sea-splashed stories from Skiathos

Troulos Bay, Skiathos​​I love entering short story contests.

Writing Magazine holds a monthly competition, inviting readers to submit short stories on a set theme or genre. I'm planning to enter September's Ghostly Last Line competition. The story should be between 1500-1700 words, and the closing line must be 'What kind of a fool believes in ghosts?'


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