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A Girl Called Jack

Garden ProduceI like to think I live fairly simply; I’m sure my weekly grocery bill is a lot less than most people's.

However, I would struggle to feed myself, let alone a child as well, for only £10.00 per week. But that’s what Jack Monroe had to do, and she shares her experiences in her blog A Girl Called Jack.

Bees and the State of Nature Report

Opium PoppyOn 22nd May 2013, Sir David Attenborough launched the State of Nature report at the Natural History Museum, London.

The report was compiled by 25 wildlife organisations, working alongside scientists, to produce a stock take of Britain's nature. It revealed that 60% of the species studied have declined in the past 50 years. The reasons for the decline are varied, but in many cases, the loss or deterioration of natural habitats has been the main cause.

How to Make Vegetables Deliciously Unhealthy: Courgette Cakes

Courgette CakesAn ambitious new recipe in the How to Make Vegetables Deliciously Unhealthy series – it’s Courgette Cakes.

No, they’re not supposed to look like that. Oh boy, did they go horribly wrong.

All Creatures Great and Small

Bird DeterrentAs a nature lover, I have a constant dilemma. I want to make my garden a wildlife-friendly place. On the other hand, I want to be the one who eats my homegrown produce, rather than it being devoured by slugs, snails and wood pigeons.

I don’t use any pesticides. (Although, I have been known to spray blackfly on my broad beans with a garlic solution: crush several cloves of garlic, place them into a spray bottle and then fill with water.) And I don’t use poisons.

Lamb Shanks With Anchovy

Lamb Shanks with AnchovyThe mistake I made with this recipe was to throw in some dried rosemary as I didn’t have any fresh. (See earlier post on the problems of my waterlogged herb garden.) Bad idea. The leaves of dry rosemary floated around in the gravy and gave it a rough texture. I’m still fishing bits out of my teeth.

I Never Promised You a Herb Garden

Herb GardenAlong with the sunshine,
There's gotta be a little rain sometimes.
When you take, you gotta give, so live and let live,
Or let go.
I beg your pardon,
I never promised you a rose garden.

My poor old herb garden just can’t take any more. Water, that is. As Lynn Anderson sang, ‘There’s gotta be a little rain sometime.' A little, yes, but this has been too much.

Spicy Indian Curry With Yoghurt

Spicy Indian CurryAs mentioned in my Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry post, highly spiced curries are good for your health, and here’s a particularly spicy one.

How to Make Vegetables Deliciously Unhealthy: Brussels Sprouts With Pancetta

Brussels SproutsNext up in the How to Make Vegetables Deliciously Unhealthy series: Brussels sprouts with pancetta.

Yes, more Brussels sprouts. It’s one vegetable the slugs don’t seem to touch, which means all the more for me. I’m a fan of Brussels sprouts, although not necessarily in soup.

Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry

Cauliflower and Chickpea CurryI’m a firm believer in the health-affirming properties of curries. Spices such as turmeric, cumin, allspice, and cardamon, all have anti-bacterial properties while garlic has been shown to be antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial.

Burns’ Night Haggis Pie

Haggis PieI’m looking forward to my Burns’ Night Supper this Friday - I love haggis.

This year, rather than serving haggis, neeps and tatties separately, I’ll be cooking up a haggis pie. This is a straightforward variation of a cottage or shepherd’s pie.

Traditionally, the evening will include a speaker, who'll give a rendition of Address to a Haggis during which they theatrically plunge a knife into the haggis.


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