Why outsource to a freelancer?

Why outsource to a freelancer?Why opt to outsource? looked at why more businesses are choosing to outsource their labour requirements.

Aside from cost and time savings, and the technological advances already covered in that post, I’m now exploring other reasons why it makes good business sense for companies to employ freelancers.


Freelancers are an ideal choice for companies whose needs fluctuate. All businesses go through growth cycles, and these can be interspersed with static periods.

As we all know only too well, projects can get off the ground rapidly then stagger to a halt, sometimes lying dormant for months before springing to life again.

This cycle of peaks and troughs is particularly relevant when it comes to copywriting requirements. In many cases, written content is only needed once other sectors within an organisation have fulfilled their part of a project. A web developer, graphic designer, marketing strategist may need to do their stuff before any words come into play.

When work comes in unexpectedly, or it’s needed more urgently than originally thought, freelancers can step into the breach and be up and running extremely rapidly. There’s no need for time-consuming recruitment or training.

Freedom of choice

As a purchaser of services, there’s a wealth of choice open to you. You can take your pick of the freelance market.

Rather than being stuck with an average, under-productive and expensive employee, you can opt to trial a freelancer or maybe even a few for the duration of a project or fixed period of time. If it doesn’t work out, you can move on with nothing lost except the fee for that particular job.

A freelancer will generally work harder than their in-house equivalent as their reputation is at stake. They want you to keep coming back to them and for you to recommend their services to others.

As a business, you’re under no obligation to do this unless you’re completely satisfied with the service you’ve received.

A fresh perspective

Sometimes complacency sets in when it comes to working practices. Familiar habits take over, and staff will automatically go down the same route, which predictably leads to the same outcome.

A freelancer will look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. Especially if, like copywriters, the nature of our work means we write on many subjects for numerous industry sectors.

Often, I can provide a fresh slant on a topic. It could be something I’ve discovered while working in a completely different field yet I can see how it could be appropriate in another context.

A freelancer may be able to offer an innovative approach or idea that couldn’t have been generated from inside the walls of your organisation.

The future of freelancing

In the UK, the Professional Contractors Group estimates that: the flexibility offered by Britain’s freelancers is worth £21 billion to the UK economy in added value.

Freelancers answer the business need for an instant solution that works outside of office walls and office hours.

In a fast-moving, ever-changing global marketplace, freelancers provide a flexible and cost-effective resource.

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