Tailor-made copy

Tailor-made copyI was recently asked if my copy is always original or if it has ever been used elsewhere. I assured the enquirer that I write entirely new copy for each and every project.

I will revisit earlier work if I’m trying to locate a nugget of information, but that’s the only time I look at old stuff. I’m only interested in starting a piece of writing from scratch otherwise it wouldn’t be any fun.

Every company and organisation is different, and I write with their particular business or brand in mind. As I focus on selling the benefits to customers, I concentrate on capturing the attention of my client’s target audience.

Tone of voice should be unique to each piece of work and reflect the identity of my client or their brand. See my post Don’t take that tone of voice with me for more information on this.

So rest assured, my research may sometimes take me to the same place; my writing always ventures to somewhere new.

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