Selling the benefits

Selling the benefits copywritingI'm currently working with a letting agency on a number of press releases.

It's not easy making ARLA (The Association of Residential Lettings Agents) and NAEA (The National Association of Estate Agents) sound sexy.

The managing director of the agency is adamant that the company's membership of these associations should be mentioned in the text. I felt they were rather boring to the non-professional. Most people's eyes tend to involuntarily glaze over when it comes to reading technical or official stuff.

On the other hand...

ARLA and NAEA are both regulatory bodies, set up to govern standards within the property industry. Their members are qualified, given training and provided with business and legal support. By choosing an ARLA and NAEA regulated agent, you have the assurance of dealing with a qualified professional who adheres to a strict code of conduct.

Peace of mind and security are all important to both tenants and landlords - and that's a much easier sell. It may not be sexy, but it is reassuring.

The pink-sequin clad ladies in the Sheilas' Wheels adverts have done wonders for adding a touch of glamour to the otherwise dull world of motor insurance. Sheilas' Wheels makes no apologies for catering primarily for women, although men are not excluded from buying their products.

It's a marketing method that obviously works for them and their website clearly states they focus on offering features they know their female customers will appreciate such as handbag cover and female friendly repairers. Now, although the contents of my handbag are irreplaceable, after all, I've had that lip balm since 1986, I feel better knowing I'll be reimbursed should my phone, purse, ancient mascara and half-empty bottle of perfume go astray.

Also, we all (male and female) hate going to garages and feeling utterly insecure when the mechanic starts talking about the worn front lower arm rear bush. I like the sound of female friendly repairers, even though I'm not entirely sure what the term means. Are they female repairers who are friendly, or are they female-friendly repairers? Either way, the benefit of these features is the warm feeling that someone trustworthy is going to take care of things for me in the event of something going wrong.

I love the strapline on the latest Sheilas' Wheels advertising campaign, which offers the incentive of a free beauty treatment to new customers.

Beauty is in the eye of the policy holder...