Keep on blogging

Keep on bloggingMaintaining a blog can be hard work, and you’re bound to run out of steam occasionally. You may start off with plenty of enthusiasm and ideas, but after a few years or even a few months, you can start to feel your interest wane.

It’s important to remember why you started your blog in the first place in order to keep the momentum going.

Why blog?

A blog is a handy informal venue to showcase your experience and reveal a little of your personality. You get to spout about things that interest you. In the case of a copywriter, this is heady stuff as we don’t often get to set the agenda.

From a business point of view, a blog adds valuable content to your website. Keywords relevant to your industry should work themselves naturally into your writing - these will help boost your search engine rankings.

Find ideas

Often thoughts for blog posts come to me when I’m working on other things, and I don’t have the time to pursue them there and then. I use an Excel spreadsheet as a dumping ground to park ideas for retrieval at a later date. That way I can open new worksheets for different themes and drop similar concepts into one place.

When I have the time, I can dip into my spreadsheet and pick up one of my ideas and see if it develops into a full-blown blog post. Perhaps a couple of ideas are linked and can be weaved together to form a longer piece.

If you’ve recently learnt a lot from a particular project, a blog is the perfect place for you to share your newly acquired knowledge. Don’t keep useful information to yourself, offer helpful advice to your readers.

Your viewpoint

Don’t worry if you’re covering a topic that’s already been written about extensively. It’s your blog, and it’s all about your viewpoint – your voice is unique. Sharing your opinions and experiences, or revealing how you dealt with a situation all help to form a relationship between you and your readers.

Because you’re sharing your views and interests, it becomes personal. This makes a blog an ideal platform for businesses to show their human side and form a link with their prospective customers.

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