Does your email marketing hit the target?

Email MarketingA few stats about email marketing:

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.*

Emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.**

Emails are an inexpensive and fast way to reach a lot of people with not much effort. However, our in-boxes fill up pretty quickly on a daily basis, so there’s competition for attention.

Here are a few pointers to help your emails stand out from the rest.

A trustworthy subject line

Make sure your subject line is relevant to the topic of the email. It needs to reflect your content otherwise the reader will feel cheated. If I scroll down and find that the enticing opener has nothing to do with the subject of the email, then I press the delete button.

Just the right length

This is a tricky one.

Data from Boomerang revealed that emails between 50 and 125 words generated the best response rate of above 50%.

And most marketers would agree that brief and direct emails engage the most prospects and trigger a higher response.

However, Boomerang’s research also revealed that emails that were ten words or shorter only produced a 36% response rate.

The length of your email obviously depends on the type of message you’re communicating. 400 words are fine for a newsletter.

If you have lots to say, but you think it looks too long for an email, write a short introductory teaser and link through to the full article.

Benefit-led content

If everything in your email is relevant and of benefit to your readers, then don’t be afraid to include it.

Make sure it’s filled with ‘you’ and ‘yours’ and not ‘we’ and ‘us’. Only include what’s likely to be of interest to your customers, not to you as a company. For example, your reader only wants to know how a product is going to benefits them - not the story behind its manufacture.

Calls to action

Once you’ve established what it is that you can do for your reader, give them an action. But make it an easy one.

Usually a click through to register for an event or to a landing page to find out more information is sufficient. Alternatively, you can include multiple actions such as click here to download a whitepaper or watch a video.

Avoid the spam folder

Finally, don’t do anything nasty like using CAPITALS or multiple !!! or the word ‘free’ in your subject line.

"URGENT!!! FREE online subscription TODAY ONLY!!!" Is the fastest route to the junk folder.