Copy Cook

Professional writer, amateur gardener, experimental cook

As a keen gardener, I grow a lot of my own produce. I've written extensively on the subject of gardening and nature for My Weekly magazine.

Gardening is a constant battle against flooding, claggy soil, blackfly, slugs and snails. (It is for me, anyway!)

Having worked so hard to grow it, you cherish every morsel of food you’re able to snatch from the jaws of the slimy slugs, and you don’t let anything go to waste. I’ll trawl the internet in search of ideas to make use of every last bean. I’m an experimental cook, and I love tweaking other people’s recipes.

Copy Cook is a fun blog about attempting diverse recipes and finding different ways to cook homegrown produce. I share tips on how to grow your own fruit and vegetables and detail my culinary successes (and failures) and gardening triumphs (and disasters).

The photos on this blog may not always be top quality or as sumptuous looking as those in food magazines - but they're real!

Oh, and by the way, some of these recipes could be seriously bad for your health; see Sorrel Soup.

Michelle (Copy Cook)

PS - If you'd like to contact me with your gardening or cookery questions, advice or feedback, email Copy Cook and I can be found on Facebook as Copy Cook and Twitter as @CopyCookUK