Soupe De Poisson With Cannellini Beans

Soupe de PoissonMy father is also an experimental cook, and he’s been trying out a variety of healthy recipes designed to lower cholesterol. He came across this one in a book called Healthy Eating for Lower Cholesterol and it proved a hit with the whole family. Here's the same recipe for Soupe de Poisson on the website.

This is a classic French dish made easy by using a supermarket fish pie mix. Most supermarkets sell these mixes; they usually consist of chunks of salmon, pollock and haddock.

I don’t think I’ve ever cooked this dish the same way twice. I sometimes use smoked paprika, and often I'll use not just thyme and bay leaf, but whatever fresh herbs are growing healthily in the garden at the time. I also add a tin of cannellini beans to the soup, which makes it a more robust meal, closer to a fish stew than a broth.

I’ve been known to throw in potatoes, and on one occasion, broad beans, when I’ve had garden produce to use up. Overall, I find cannellini beans work best.

I love the simplicity of this recipe. After gently frying the onions and garlic in olive oil, you chuck all the other ingredients except the cannellini beans into the pot and cook for about an hour on a low heat. I don’t add the cannellini beans until near the end, usually the last 20 minutes, otherwise they go a bit mushy.

Fish freezes well, and this dish is no exception. I usually make a large saucepan full and freeze it in individual portions. Very handy for quick defrost suppers.

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