How to Cut a Lemon Basket

Lemon Basket with Smoked Salmon"Place a very small lemon basket (see diagram below) at the side of the glass on the plate, on which you will send it to table. Then the lemon basket can be picked up easily and additional lemon juice squeezed over as desired without getting your fingers in a filthy mess."
Fanny Cradock

Ok, my delight at lemon baskets has faded. Life's too short to spend time carving lemons into shapes.

This doesn’t work particularly well from any point of view. It’s fiddly to cut the through the peel, you waste all the little triangles you’ve removed, and after all that, it’s not the most efficient way to squeeze a lemon over your smoked salmon or prawn cocktail.

A simple quarter of lemon does the job nicely, thank you. Fanny Cradock may have had time to faff around with fruit, but I’m bored now!

If you feel like giving it a try, here's Fanny's diagram to show you how.

Lemon Basket