Halloumi Cheese with Rocket Pesto

Helium cheese with rocket pestoIn an attempt to clear the fridge of random ingredients, I invented this culinary masterpiece.

I bought the rocket pesto at Macknade Fine Foods in Faversham, Kent. More than just a farm shop, they have a fabulous food hall stocked with every kind of delicacy you can think of.

Not wanting to waste the fresh pesto, but not having enough to make a pasta dish, I looked around for inspiration. The remains of a packet of halloumi cheese caught my eye.

Cutting what was left of the halloumi cheese into slices, I covered the slivers of cheese in the last of the rocket pesto. I heated some olive oil in a frying pan while the cheese and pesto got to know each other.

Then I took the slices of cheese and gently fried them until golden brown on each side. The tanginess of the pesto worked well with the saltiness of the softly melted cheese. This was a delicious and inspired fridge leftovers mashup!

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