Eggs or Anarchy

A book I’d recommend is Eggs or Anarchy by William Sitwell. It tells the story of how Lord Woolton, Minister for Food, kept Britain fed during the Second World War.

With the public having to manage on limited rations, it was Lord Woolton’s job to use his wits to stop black market profiteering and bring food to shelves of the country’s larders. One of Lord Woolton’s initiatives was to create recipes to help people maintain a nutritious diet, despite the shortages of many foods, particularly meat.

Woolton Pie

The Savoy’s chef, Francis Latry, was tasked with making a pie from vegetables. Woolton Pie was the result, which combined a mixture of diced potatoes, cauliflower, swedes, carrots, with some spring onions, a little vegetable extract (if possible) and a tablespoon of oatmeal. Once cooked, the mixture was placed in a pie dish, sprinkled with chopped parsley and covered with a crust of potato or wholemeal pastry. It was then baked until brown and served with brown gravy.

I’ve found a copy of the original recipe here, although I must admit it’s not a dish I will be rushing to make. However, the book is well worth a read. As the author comments, if Britain had gone hungry the outcome of the war could have been very different.