Cheesy Christmas Trees

Cheesy Christmas TreesThanks to my friend, Mandy, for this festive recipe. These are very moreish and make a nice change from all the sweet snacks around at Christmas.

Ingredients for cheese pastry

113g (4oz) plain flour
85g (3oz) butter
85g (3oz) cheddar or parmesan cheese
Pinch of dry mustard
Pinch of salt
Sprinkle of cayenne pepper
1 egg yolk
2 teaspoons cold water


Sift the flour into a bowl and add the mustard and seasonings. In a separate bowl, cream the butter until soft.

Combine the butter, flour and seasonings, grated cheese and egg yolk to make a dough that can be rolled out. Add water if the dough is too dry or more flour if it’s too wet.

Roll out your cheese pastry to about ½ cm and then cut into shapes. Cover a baking tray with foil and smear the foil with butter. Place the Christmas tree shapes in rows on the tray.

In a pre-heated oven (gas mark 7 or 200 fan oven) bake the cheesy trees for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the heat of your oven. The pastry should stay a light creamy colour – don’t bake until brown as I did with my first batch.

I overcooked the first batch by leaving them in for nearly 10 minutes. In my hot oven, only five minutes was needed to cook these through. Here's what burnt Cheesy Christmas Trees look like!

Burnt Cheesy Christmas Trees